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Lucy McNulty
Publisher, Editor, Creator and Owner

Lucy McNulty is an accomplished sculptor, artist and graphic artist. With numerous state and national awards for advertising graphics and prize winning artwork. She puts her artwork into every page of CCN. Lucy has owned and is familiar with a variety of animals. Currently she has 2 horses; a BLM Mustang (Luke) and a Palomino/Morab (Magua)... and held dear in her heart is her lost Arabian Pharoah, an Arabian (Kazimierz) and her longtime friend and first horse Dylan. All of which were trained and broke by Lucy, (her husband John initially gentled the Mustang). Also part of the family are 3 Dogs; an adorable Jack Russell known as Oscar, and 2 new puppies a German Sherperd, Ben and an Aussie named Troy. Recently she lost her faithful and loving Yellow Lab Mix named Sam. Two Lovebirds, Aquarium Fish and Squawking Guinea Fowl. Lucy has lived in Vermont for over 35 years and owns her little homestead on top of a little mountain in Pownal. She is a competitive trail rider of which she says she is “relatively good at it considering her time restrictions.”  Lucy loves the outdoors and all of God’s wonderful creatures, which He has blessed us all with.  She started Creature’s Corner News by herself from scratch. An idea and a single computer was the start of this great publication. CCN has thrived in the surrounding community and farther for over 11 years now and it has become a “staple” for all that have discovered its wonders. A success story indeed.

Sales Staff

Kelley Rich
Website design/maintenance and CCN Representative and Sales

A graphic artist by trade, Kelley is also an avid horsewoman and used to own and run a boarding and breeding barn in Southern Vermont.

Her and her daughter Abiageal, age 9, who is an avid equestrienne, live in Pownal. Kelley has one horse, a non-spotted Appaloosa named Seamus and Becket, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

I've always had a great admiration and respect of Lucy and especially when she started Creature's Corner. I'm happy to help her grow the publication and widen her base of readership. I believe this is the best "animal" paper out there today.

Jean Cook
CCN Representative and Sales

Jean has lived at Trinity Brook Farm in Springfield, Vermont for the past 8 years. She is happily married and lives with her husband, her half Australian shepherd and three horses. She has been involved in the horse world for over 40 years and rides English and Western. Her hobbies are collecting antique post cards of horses, angels and her savior Jesus Christ.

Sandy Ryan
CCN Representative and Sales

As a kid I grew up next to my grandparents farm in Clifton Park, New York. I spent every minute I had around all the animals raised there. Horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, lots of fowl, dogs and cats. Never a dull moment! Most of my time was spent with the many horses that were always there. I also had time at my Grandparents Dairy farm in Salem, New York. As a kid I always enjoyed anything to do with learning and doctoring animals. Going to the auctions and fairs was a big thing for me! As I grew up and moved on I always had something to do with animals. When I moved to Burlington, Vermont I worked with the Dalmation Rescue and relized it was something I enjoyed very much and that I loved working with animals in need of special attention! Then I moved back to Salem, New York in 1999 and I bought Stoney Acres Funny Farm! I now have Casper the Arabian (the love of my life), CD the Morgan, Lucky King a Jack, Derby mini donkey, Jazz the deaf alpaca, Cleo and Calamity the pigmy goats, Sage outside kitty, Riley inside kittty, Simon Lab/Border Collie mix and Sophie Lab/German Short Haired Pointer mix. They are all very special to me and came to me in different ways and some with special needs.
I enjoy working for CCN because I am always meeting special people and animals and learning something new!

“And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.”  —Matthew: 8:20