The Sounds Birds Make and Why They Do It

Birds sing songs, chatter, call, talk or whistle for a variety of reasons. They have their own unique way of communicating their desires through body language and through their voice.


A Bird talks when it is content and happy and wants to send a message to another bird or its owner.


When a bird whistles it is communicating that the bird feels content, safe and is at ease in its world.


Some birds just like to talk, talk about anything; their environment, how they feel, the state of the union…. so, to communicate their thoughts, they chatter/chirp, sometimes incessantly, sometimes loud, sometimes soft. Young birds chirp or chatter when they want fed. Birds in the wild often chatter as a warning sign to other birds that something is not right in their environment, or as a call to attract another bird’s attention.


While there are many reasons why a bird sings, it generally can be divided into when it is communicating a message to another bird or when it is communicating a message to its owner. A bird will also sing when it is content and happy and just feels like singing a song.

Birds also call or sing to attract a mate, establish territory, as an indication of the readiness of either or both partners for sexual activity and to maintain a bond between male and female bird. Birds also call or sing as a way of communication between parent and young, as a means of warning it’s mate or other members of the flock of danger, as a means of gathering a flock together or finding each other and as a means of encouragement to fellow flock members (i.e., geese flying and calling to other members to keep up.) Birds will also call or sing as a tactic of intimidation to predators or other birds. Birds also practice songs, calling and talking through repetition.

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