How to Encourage Your Cat to Drink More Water

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Unfortunately, the same thing holds true for cats. Water is very important to your cat’s good health, but most cats just don’t drink enough. Urinary problems are one of the most frequently diagnosed conditions in cats. And the most common medical recommendation is, “Encourage your cat to drink more water.” When they hear this, most cat owners give their vet the “look” … as if to say, “What? Are you crazy?” That’s because they know that their cat has no interest in drinking water … and it’s pointless to try to make a cat do something he doesn’t want to do because it’s just not going to happen.

Most of the time that’s true. But in this case, you must be more resourceful and find a way to make your cat drink more water. Water is essential for life. It helps the body digest food, absorb nutrients, flush out waste and control body temperature. Next to oxygen, water is the single most important element in your cat’s body. Cats can go for days without food. They can lose up to 40 percent of their body weight and still survive. But when a cat loses just 10 percent of his body’s water, bodily functions shut down causing serious illness. A 15 percent water loss will kill him.

So how can you get your cat to drink more water? Here’s the secret. You must make the water more appealing. Here are some suggestions:

Keep the Water Bowl Clean

Look at your cat’s water bowl. If you wouldn’t drink from it, chances are your cat won’t want to either. Wash your cat’s water bowl every day and disinfect it regularly to control bacteria. Change the water several times a day to keep it fresh.

Try a Pet Fountain

Most cats don’t like to drink water out of a bowl. They prefer to drink running water. In nature, cats are drawn to moving water because it tastes better. A pet fountain is a great way to give your cat fresh running water. The better the water tastes, the more likely your cat is to drink it.

Add Some Flavor

Try adding some water from a can of tuna to enhance the flavor, or use bottled or filtered water. Cats are cool … and that’s the way they like their water. That’s another reason why a pet fountain is a great idea. Not only does it filter the impurities, so the water tastes better, it also keeps the water cool, just the way your cat likes it.

Creatures Corner Fun Facts

There are about 370 million domestic cats in the world.

The International Cat Association, the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats, recognizes seventy-three different kinds of cats, with 33 different breeds.

A cat’s heart beats twice as fast as a human heart, at 110 to 140 beats per minute.

The largest cat breed is the Ragdoll. Males weigh twelve to twenty pounds, with females weighing eight to fifteen pounds.

The smallest cat breed is the Singapura. Males weigh about six pounds while females weigh about four pounds.

Calico cats are almost always female.

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