Why are Siamese Kittens White When They are Born and More

In the Siamese cat, a lower temperature causes more dark coloration in the growing hairs. Therefore, newborn kittens, warm from their mother’s womb, are white all over. As they grow up in normal temperatures, the hottest areas of their body, around the stomach and back, remain pale in color, while their cooler extremities gradually become darker.

Catnip loses its potency over time. Good catnip, the kind that will drive your cat wild, should smell minty and fresh. To keep kitty’s catnip toys fresh, store them in a plastic container and take them out for a special play session two or three times a week. When your cat is finished playing with her catnip toy, put it away for next time. This will also mark the catnip toy as something special and avoid catnip boredom.

Cats can get upper respiratory bacterial and viral infections–in other words, colds. But we can’t catch our cats’ colds and they can’t catch ours. If your cat is coughing or wheezing, or has persistent discharge from her eyes or nose, she needs to see a veterinarian.

Never pet a cat on her tummy near the back legs. Cats have a kicking reflex that will cause them to kick out and scratch you.

Always support a cat’s hindquarters when you pick her up. A comfortable way to hold her is to rest her against your body with her front paws on your shoulder and your arm under her rump. Many cats like to be picked up and held, but only for a short time. The instant your cat begins to fuss or struggle, put her down

A timid cat will feel better if he has a safe hiding place in every room. A covered cat bed or a little tent placed in a quiet corner of each room will help him spend less time under the bed and more time with you.

If your cat likes to chew houseplants, grow a pot of grass for her instead. Cat grass kits are available at most pet supply stores.

Feed your cat in a quiet area of the house, where she is unlikely to be disturbed. Cats feel vulnerable while they’re eating and appreciate the peace and quiet.

Sudden loss of appetite, sudden aggression, excessive thirst or urination, excessive licking, and sudden refusal to use the litter box can all be signs of illness. If you observe these symptoms, take your cat to the veterinarian. Never put your cat’s food near his litter box. In the wild, a cat eliminates far from where he eats. In your home, he’ll likely choose to eat his food from his dish and eliminate elsewhere, far from the litter box.

Cats respond best to names that end in an “ee” sound, Zaddy, for example. They seem to respond better to a higher-pitched tone of voice.

A cat’s whiskers are usually as wide as its body and as such, help them navigate through tight and narrow spaces. The average cat has 24 whiskers, 12 on each side.

Americans spend almost $4 billion a year on cat food more than they spend on baby food.

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