Why Does My Cat Push Things Off Tables and Dressers?

If you’ve ever watched your kitty do this, you’ve probably noticed he also carefully observes the item as it falls, hits the floor, and maybe breaks. If it breaks, he may jump down and bat the little shards around, seeming to really rub it in as you stare, dumbfounded. He doesn’t hate you and isn’t consciously destroying your belongings. According to animal behavior experts, a very important factor influencing cat behavior is the unnatural and unstimulating existence of so many indoor kitties. Most housecats today are bored silly because they have no opportunity to participate in many of their natural behaviors like hunting.

The tedium of life in captivity would certainly explain why many kitties develop the annoying habit of launching preferably breakable items off counters, tables, and shelves. Cats are curious and like to explore. They use their paws to help them explore by touching and manipulating objects that interest them. Sometimes they may push too hard, and items are moved. When objects fall and bounce around, your cat may be fascinated by the movement of the object. For cats that are confined indoors, there is a lot of monotony and routine in their lives.

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