9 House Training Tips for Puppies

Puppies are quick learners and they loved to be praised. The joy of having a new puppy in the home can quickly become annoying when you must start cleaning up their messes. It does not have to be that way. Here are 9 training tips for your puppy that will help make house training your new puppy a breeze.

  1. Start right away the minute you bring your new puppy home. Most dogs are smart and are creatures of habit. They do what they learn.
  2. Take your dog outside several times a day to the same place. This will get them in the habit of going outside and in the same area.
  3. When you catch your puppy in the act in your house pick him up and firmly tell him no. Immediately take him outside to the area you are training him to go in.
  4. Praise your dog and reward them with a treat for going outside. Play with them and praise them by saying good girl or boy.
  5. Get in the habit of taking your puppy outside. Before and after work. Take them outside immediately after any excitement in the house. Puppies will potty when they are excited, and this will help them be outside when they must go.
  6. Teach your puppy to let you know when they need to go outside. Teach them to bark or scratch the door before they go outside. Your goal is to help them let you know when they must go.
  7. Keep a good odor neutralizer handy. Mistakes will happen so if you see one happen quickly tell them No, use a can full of pennies to startle the puppy and then run outside to the potty area. Then use your neutralizer on the area to help keep the puppy from going back to the same spot again.
  8. You can put your puppy in a crate when you are gone or at night. Tether them to you with a long lead when you are home to keep them from roaming around and having the freedom to go potty.
  9. Keep a journal of how quickly food moves through the puppy. This will help you determine when and how quickly they need to go outdoors following meals. Remember you only must go through this once. It is worth the effort to quickly get your puppy going outside to go to the bathroom. Having a new puppy is like having a new baby and you must be willing to teach them to get the results you want.
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