Why Dogs Foam at the Mouth and More

Foaming at the mouth is quite common and is normally a result of the dog’s state of mind rather than what they are playing with. Some dogs show this phenomenon when they are excited, scared, or stressed. Others show it as a sign of heat stroke from excessive exercise. In most cases it disappears when the symptom inducing element stops and is nothing to be concerned about. If, however your dog shows these symptoms in one field or location then it could be something more obscure, such as a reaction to a specific vegetation or smell.

Anal Gland Impaction and Infection

Infections and problems of the anal gland are very common in dogs. Impaction of the anal gland can occur when it fails to naturally empty because of soft stools or an overactive gland, and secretions become thick and pasty. Anal gland impaction is treated by manual emptying of the glands. Ask your veterinarian for advice on how to proceed. You should act quickly before they become infected. When anal glands become infected there will be small amounts of blood or puss in the secretions. If your dog is scratching his bum on the floor very frequently, it may be his glands are already infected. Treatment is the same as for impacted glands but is followed by an antibiotic wash at regular intervals for a period after the manual emptying.

Diarrhea Treatment

You should never give any animal any medication intended for human use without prior advice from your veterinarian. It is impossible to correctly diagnose your dog as having diarrhea without a thorough examination of possible causes and other symptoms. If your dog has had diarrhea for an extended period, he must be extremely unwell by now. There is grave danger of your dog dying from extreme dehydration and you must seek a veterinarian’s advice as soon as you can.

Parvovirus Without Symptoms?

Strictly speaking, a dog cannot carry the disease without being infected, however the severity of symptoms varies so much that some dogs, especially adult dogs, would appear to have minimal or no symptoms. In fact, many adult dogs show only very mild symptoms if any – most dogs with severe symptoms are below 6 months of age and the most affected are below 12 weeks. There are also substantial differences in the way different breeds are affected by a parvovirus infection. Likewise, not all cases where the symptoms (such as bloody diarrhea) match those of parvovirus are in fact caused by parvovirus and it has been known for puppies to be wrongly diagnosed: the only definitive way to identify a parvovirus infection is through a diagnostic test by your veterinarian.

Provided by Creatures Corner reader James Glover

Did You Know

In the 1500’s: Englishman created a breed of dogs to do household work, specifically to turn meat on a spit. These Turnspit Dogs ran in a wheel, powering a rotisserie loaded with slow-roasting meat and which spun over an open flame. Now extinct, a few stuffed, preserved specimens remain.

In 1942 during World War II, the Soviet Union trained German shepherds as “anti-tank dogs.” The dogs were trained to find bones underneath tanks. They were then starved and deployed in battle with explosives attached in a backpack. When the dogs approached German tanks in search of food, the explosives were detonated.

Hachiko was an Akita dog that belonged to a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo. Every morning, the dog saw his master off at the front step, and then waited for him at the nearest railroad station when his master was due to return. In 1925, the professor died of a cerebral hemorrhage while at the university and never made it home. The dog waited at the station until midnight, and then returned the next day and waited again. It did this every day for 11 years, until he died in 1934. The dog so touched passers-by, that a bronze statue was erected at Shibuya Station in Hachiko’s memory.

In 2008 after a Colorado man committed suicide in a remote wooded area, his dog a German shepherd named Cash kept watch over his body for six weeks. Cash survived by hunting mice and rabbits.

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