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Why it is Important to Monitor Changes in Your Dog’s Eating Behavior

No one knows your dog better than you. You’re the first to notice if your dog leaves their bowl half-full or is no longer excited for mealtime. It’s not just picky eating. Changes in your dog’s behavior may be telling you something. Whether gradual or sudden, decreased eating is often the first sign, and why this article lists some of the common signs that your dog is sick, in some cases decreased eating may be the only sign that your dog is sick.

Every meal matters. Even small decreases in eating can keep dogs from getting nutrition that is vital to their health. Good nutrition is important for dogs as they age or if they are living with conditions such as kidney disease, heart disease, digestive issues, or cancer. Weight loss is hard to see. It’s not easy to see gradual changes because we see our pets every day. Monitoring how much your dog eats can help you spot signs of reduced appetite before your dog loses weight and muscle strength. Monitoring changes in your dog’s eating allows you to take steps early to ensure they get the nutrition needed to stay strong and active.

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