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How to Play with a Pet Rabbit

Rabbits can be the sweetest of pets. They’re anything but boring, and if you give them the chance, they make wonderful playmates. Always try to understand your rabbit. Certain rabbits like different things. One rabbit may like shredding things to bits while another might enjoy rolling beach balls around the floor.

You can find out what your bunny’s favorite activity is by simply placing some random objects, such as newspaper, a large tube, or a ball on the ground where your rabbit is playing and seeing what he/she does. Offer their favorite toy to them. Depending on their reaction to the previous step, offer the object that most interested them. Put it close to them and make a bit of noise on it, but don’t be too pushy. Give them a nudge and chances are they’ll take the bait.

Where’s the Bunny?

This is a fun game. Simply hold a blanket or towel over your rabbit and say, “Where’s the bunny?” and let go. Your rabbit will leap out and run amok. Or place a towel on top of their head and twirl it above their head. Some rabbits love this game, and some rabbits will try and bite you for playing it.

Take Your Rabbit for a Walk

Many rabbits like going out for a walk. Select a harness for your rabbit and take them for a hop on the lawn. You can also take them for a walk on the sidewalk, but this can be dangerous as dogs go for walks too. A word of caution here, some rabbits dislike being on a harness, and will do all it takes to get out.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Sometimes your rabbit will be grumpy and won’t want to play. Rabbits don’t play the same as dogs, and do not like rough housing, so don’t force anything. Rabbits are easily scared, so try to avoid any sudden movements. Watch your fingers. Don’t do anything potentially harmful to the rabbit, such as throwing them up in the air, or hitting them. Don’t scare your rabbit, as rabbits can jump hard enough to break their own backs. Only take your rabbit outside if you know the area is chemical free and has no poisonous weeds. Don’t carry your rabbit by pulling its ears. Never touch your rabbit’s chin or belly when playing. This can make them extremely aggressive; they take it as torture. They will likely chomp on your finger if you do this, so you should be very careful when putting it in a harness.

Rabbit Human Aging Comparison

Rabbits  Humans
1 Week1 Year
2 Weeks2 Years
3 Weeks4 Years
4 Weeks6 Years
2 Months8 Years
3 Months10 Years
4 Months12 Years
5 Months14 Years
6 Months16 Years
1 Year21 Years
2 Years27 Years
3 Years33 Years
4 Years39 Years
5 Years45 Years
6 Years51 Years
7 Years57 Years
8 Years63 Years
9 Years69 Years
10 Years75 Years
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