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Bizarre and Humorous Animal Laws

Believe it or not, the following laws are still considered valid and enforceable. So be careful, especially if you are a chicken thief that lives in Kansas.

This chicken would be breaking the law if it lived in Quitman, Georgia.

It is illegal for hens to lay eggs before 8 am and after 4 pm in Norfolk, Virginia.

Ducks quacking after 10 pm in Essex Falls, New Jersey are breaking the law

In Quitman, Georgia, it is against the law for a chicken to cross any road within the city limits.

In McDonald, Ohio, farmers cannot march a goose down a city street. And fowl, particularly roosters, are prohibited from going into bakeries in Massachusetts.

In Kansas, it is illegal for chicken thieves to work during daylight hours.

Did You Know

The very first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin during World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo. And also during WWII, Americans tried to train bats to drop bombs.

There are more beetles than any other kind of creature in the world.

When a giraffe’s baby is born it falls to the ground from a height of six feet, normally without being hurt.

The muzzle of a lion is like a fingerprint, no two lions share the same pattern of whiskers.

There is a type of parrot in New Zealand that likes to eat the rubber strips that line car windows. And New Zealand kiwis lay the largest eggs with respect to their body size of any bird.

The “wild” horses of western North America are feral, not wild.

Armadillos can be house broken.

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