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Reiki – A Popular Treatment for Humans is Now Being Used on Pets

Reiki (pronounced rey-key) is a gentle hands-on healing technique. The word comes from two Japanese words, Rei and Ki, meaning Universal Life Force. Simply, Reiki is the channeling of universal Energy (Life Force) for the purposes of healing. Modern day animals have a lot to contend with. Finding their natural ground in our world can be an unnatural place to live for many animals. Sometimes the pressure of finding balance is a lot for the animals causing many different effects for them, which can cause illness or emotional problems.

Being that animals are much more in touch with energies around them, they are incredibly open to receiving and giving energy. Animals are our greatest teachers. They show us the way of progressing on our paths with love, caring, sharing, strength and humor. Animals teach us to listen, live in the now, how to forget and forgive. They teach us about commitment, strength, and acceptance. Animals are very receptive to Reiki. It can help with maintaining your animal, with physical and emotional illnesses and injuries. It can help an animal with fear, trauma, abuse, neglect, and trust issues. It can help animals that are nervous, healing after surgery and most of all it can help with transitions. Reiki helps to heal the spirit and brings the animals back into a state of trust. Reiki gives them a sense of purpose and rebuilding of their confidence with other animals and people. It is gentle, non-invasive, stress free and loving for animals and heals at all levels for the animal. It is a vibrational frequency that is easily understood by animals, and it is a different approach to healing. A Reiki treatment can be done hands on or at a distance. Some animals do not like the actual touching, so distance is sometimes the best way. Reiki goes directly to the source of a problem and heals at a level that is being opened to receive. Reiki will go beyond the physical and emotional body and bring the healing that is needed to the situation.

A Reiki treatment will vary with each animal. Some may go into a deep state of relaxation and sleep. Some may lay down, sigh, yawn or just sit looking at you. Since animals are more sensitive to Reiki, they will usually feel the energy immediately and very strongly. A Reiki treatment can also affect the emotions in animals. The reason for this is that Reiki will find the issue in need of healing and that issue may not be obvious to us. We cannot see all the emotional issues with animals, so we do not know what they are or how deep they are rooted. Reiki helps find the issues and works on each one. The Reiki will help the animals to let go of the emotional baggage and let it return to the “now”. Reiki is a valuable “addition” to healing and maintaining an animal. If an animal is receiving other therapies for an illness, behavior, or condition, Reiki can help. It can work with antibiotics and any other medications to help an animal recover faster. Sometimes one Reiki treatment is all that is needed for an animal yet other times it may take several. This will all depend on the situation, the animal, and the severity of the issue.

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