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Rutland County Humane Society Offers Spring Tips for Pets

Spring is finally here and RCHS would like to offer some helpful reminders of ways to keep your pets as safe as possible as it gets warmer.

Open Windows – As you start opening your windows for a breeze, make sure your screens are in nice and tight, and be aware of pets, especially cats, that may jump or fall through any unscreened windows.

Gardening Hazards – Many types of gardening supplies can be harmful for pets. Insecticides, fertilizer, gardening tools, and even some plants could be dangerous to your furry friends. Be sure to read labels, and safely store/secure any potentially hazardous materials.

Spring Cleaning – It’s time for a fresh start. Like us, pets can be allergic to dust (as well as pollens and plants). If you suspect your pet has a springtime allergy, please let your veterinarian know. And, as you wrap up your spring cleaning, check out the wish list on our website for items we may need. We have a donation box out in front of our shelter for easy drop off of items you would like to donate. For any donation questions, give us a call at 802-483-9171.

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