2 Easy and Inexpensive Horse Care Ideas

Hay nets are notoriously awkward to fill and close. The other problem with nets is that the drawstring you use to close and hang the net usually wears out a lot faster than the rest of the net because of repeated pulling and wear when you hang the net from a metal ring. To solve these problems in one easy, inexpensive way, purchase 10 feet of heavy, brightly colored nylon rope in a contrasting color of the hay net. Using a different color helps distinguish the net from the drawstring. Remove the original drawstring from the little rings at the top of the hay net. Then thread your new rope through in the same manner. Knot and then duct tape the ends together.

For convenience, many people tie their horses to the side or back of their trailer. No matter how calm your horse is, something might suddenly happen nearby that causes him to spook and pull back in panic. Although his tie rope should be secured with a quick release knot, sometimes the rope is so taut that it’s hard to get untied. Purchase a roll of veterinarian gauze and keep it handy in your trailer’s emergency kit. Cut a 12-inch piece off and tie it in a loop through the tie ring on your trailer. Then tie your horse’s lead rope in a quick release knot through the gauze loop, instead of the metal tie ring. In a pull-back panic situation, the gauze will break long before the horse or his halter do. The gauze loop can live on the trailer tie ring until it wears out and needs replaced.

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