How to Ride Like an Electric Eel and What it Means

It’s been said “If you’re like an electric eel, that you might be a better rider for your horse.” Here’s what it means. When electric eels meet, they change frequencies. Why? So that their electrical fields don’t interfere. Isn’t that amazing? The fact that they can just change the frequency at will is amazing…or is it. If the eel could talk, they’d say, “Ahhh…no big deal.” Read this article for information on the amazing electric eel.

Funny thing is, the same goes for an accomplished rider and/or trainer. A rider who “really” gets it will stay out of the horse’s way. Like the electric eel, the accomplished rider won’t interfere. The rider’s experience has allowed them to learn special techniques that have allowed it to become second nature to them… just like the electric eel. But to get accomplished, you first must know the techniques and the techniques must be sound.

And do you know what one of the biggest mistakes riders make? It is dropping their toes toward the ground and wanting to hang on. What’s wrong with that? This seemingly little thing will cause your body to rock forward. And if your horse stops on his front end quickly, you will shoot forward off the saddle like a bottle rocket. Plus, rocking forward puts the horse out of balance. It will be harder for him to do maneuvers. Think of it like this. Have you ever had a kid ride on your shoulders, and he leaned forward. Remember how hard it was to keep your balance? Remember how hard it was on you to fight him leaning forward? Think what that does to the horse? Sure, he’s strong, muscular, and powerful. But it’s still hard on him. Plus, we weigh a lot more than a little kid. So, the answer is pointing your heels down.

That means your toes are up… not down. With your heels down, it practically forces you to sit deep in your saddle. It also practically forces you to sit much more balanced. But here’s a warning. If you’re not used to doing this, you may think you’re doing it when you’re not. Thus, have someone watch you ride or have someone film you so you can check your posture. Did you ever see the movie “The Gladiator”? Russel Crowe, the Gladiator, was asked what he would tell his son if he were alive. The Gladiator said, … “I’d tell him when he rides to keep his heels down.” Although there are several things you should know about riding and riding well, this is one of the most important.

Then again, there are several important things to know. Remember. Heels down. Sit straight. Shoulders back. Head looking forward. And remember, don’t look down all the time unless that’s where you want to land.

Provided by reader Andy Curry

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