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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. While you’re making preparations for your holiday feasts and family gatherings, Rutland County Humane Society (RCHS) would like to offer some tips on how to make your holiday festivities as safe and enjoyable as possible for you and your pets.

Thanksgiving is all about the food, but not all people foods are safe for pets. Keep their noses away from the mixing bowl while you get the pumpkin pie ready. Raw eggs can lead to food poisoning, and artificial sweeteners can be harmful as well. Make sure to keep the leftover turkey away from your pet, too. Dogs and cats have a hard time processing fatty foods like turkey skin, and even small pieces of bone can lead to gastrointestinal injury. If your furry friend seems anxious when company arrives, try putting them in a quiet room away from the action with a favorite toy and plenty of fresh water. Lastly, with holidays comes travel, so if you’re bringing your pet along, make sure you are prepared. Your pet should have updated ID, as well as any supplies/medications needed for travel and for the time you plan on being away from home. For more information, contact the RCHS Adoption Center at 802.483.6700.

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