10 Reasons to Own a Green Cheeked Conure

These little parrots have wonderful personalities and bond very easily with their human companions. They have big bird attitudes packed into small bodies. Clownish, sociable, affectionate, and fearless, their dispositions are both gentle and sassy. Quieter compared to larger conures; their call is no louder that a cockatiel. Green Cheeks can learn to speak a few words, but this is an individual talent more than the norm. They can also live up to 20 years or more. Listed below are the top 10 reasons to own a Green Cheeked Conure.

  1. Not as loud or noisy compared to other parrots.
  2. Ideal for condos and apartments.
  3. Big bird personalities: totally fearless, they play like Macaws.
  4. Entertaining! Will hold things with their feet and will roll onto their backs to play or sleep. Love to wrestle with their favorite humans, hair surf and get petted or scratched.
  5. Easy to feed. Not as messy or destructive as larger parrots.
  6. Easy to house. Cockatiel cages are ideal.
  7. They do not create dust like Cockatiels or Cockatoos.
  8. Green Cheeks are bred in a variety of colors.
  9. People with pets, such as seniors, have lower blood pressure, are happier and can live longer.
  10. Green Cheeked Conures are very interactive with people. They are bold, personable, and each has its own unique personality.

Green Cheeked Conures are available in many color variations which include yellow sided, cinnamon, turquoise, pineapple and more. Green Cheeked Conures belong to the “Pyrrhura” Family. There are other members of this family that are similar in personality and differ only in size and color. These include the Black Capped Conure, Crimson Belly Conure, Maroon Belly Conure and White Eared Conure.

William Huska at Winged Rainbows in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

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