Did You Know These Fun Facts About Cats and Dogs?

It is said that dogs come from a creature like a wolf called Tomarctus (“father of dogs”) which roamed about 15 million years ago. Dogs first became pets for cavemen, while the Greeks used them for hunting and as guards. Romans traveled through Europe and brought their dogs with them. These dogs bred with the local dogs and gradually many different breeds were created.

Tomarctus lived approximately 15 million years ago and is considered “Father of the dogs.”

A cat’s teeth, from newborn kitten to the largest lion, are the most awesome weapons in the mammal kingdom. They are very sharp, and finely serrated like a knife. The curved, pointed canines are set in the cat’s jaw so that the molars fit together with their sides intact, like a pair of scissors, rather than tooth to tooth, as is the case with humans and most other mammals.

The cat’s skeleton is quite close to that of the human, but it’s lack of a shoulder blade allows freedom of movement of the foreleg, which can be turned in almost any direction and a cat also has around 290 bones and 517 separate muscles.

A male dog urinates with one leg up to better mark his territory. The scent can tell him many things, including size and health. The size is judged by the height of the stain. Male dogs although, do not actually need to lift their leg.

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