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3 Free Toys for Your Rodent Pet

Rodents are some of the funniest animals to own because they like nothing more than to play, play, play. Often, the best toys for pet rodents are items commonly found in your home, even the things that regularly end up in the trash or recycling can. Here’s a list of things that you may be ready to throw away that your pet rodent would have hours and hours of fun with. In addition, you can have just as much fun watching them ramble and roll about in glee.

Paper Towel & Toilet Paper Rolls

Rolls from the inside of the toilet paper or paper towels make wonderful tunnels that they can scamper through and chew on as they go. If you have more than one, they may even use these to play hide and seek from one another. Rodents also like to play with these by pushing them around so that they roll all over, like a log rolling event.

Paper Bags

Paper bags are great sources of entertainment for your rodent as they can go inside to hide and then figure out how to “escape” from the paper cave. Depending on the size of your rodent, there are several different types of paper bags that can be used. For example, a pet mouse may like a small lunch sack, while a ferret or guinea pig would be better suited to a larger one such as a grocery bag. Be sure that you never give your rodent a plastic bag to play with as these can lead to suffocation & be sure that the paper bag does not have a lot of ink that your rodent could be poisoned by.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles from things like shampoos, salad dressings, or waters are also amusing. Watch them as they play with these items to ensure that they can’t or want to ingest them. While it is natural that they will chew on them, most will not eat them, but some will, and this is not healthy at all for your pet.

Rodents are basically very easy to please. Anything that is new is a potential toy for them. They will create their own little games and adventures with the simplest of household items. Save your rodent from boredom by looking around your house for toys that are completely free.

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