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No Dog or Cat Food for Rabbits

It is very dangerous for a rabbit to snack on dog or cat food. These foods are designed for carnivores not for herbivores. They are high in protein and fat as well as carbohydrates in the form of grains, usually corn. Although rabbits can eat small amounts of dog or cat food and appear to be normal, there can be insidious changes that take place over time. Excessive levels of protein can lead to kidney damage; excessive levels of fat and grain-based carbohydrates can lead to obesity. However, by far the most dangerous side effect in rabbits that eating dry dog or cat food is the disturbance of the normal intestinal flora that will ultimately lead to intestinal distress and death. We have seen rabbits become seriously ill and some die within 24 hours of eating dog food due to acute intestinal disorders. Please keep all dog and cat food out of the reach of your rabbit.

No Chocolate for Rabbits

Chocolate is a poison to animals. It should never be fed as a treat or made available in any way to any animal and your rabbit is no exception. Please take extreme caution when having anything in the house that can harm your precious companions. Please store unsafe products up, away, and behind closed doors.

Provided by Susan Brown, DVM

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