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Why Some Rabbits Snore and More

While most rabbits don’t make any noise, there are some rabbits that will grunt or snort, like a guinea pig. They generally do this when they are not happy. Some rabbits will snore when sleeping. Rabbits can also scream. It is a horrible sound that they only make in extreme situations such as fear and pain. It is very uncommon to hear them scream.

Rabbits are very clean animals and should never be given a bath. In cases where they may get diarrhea, it is ok to bathe the butt area only.

Rabbits need regular nail trimmings. You can use cat clippers and trim just above the quick. The quick is the blood vessel in the nail, which is the pink coloring you see. If nails get too long, they can rip and tear.

A rabbit may occasionally have a wet, or teary eye, if something is bothering the eye, like fur. (Those tears would dry, making “eye crusties.”) A more serious reason for a rabbit to have a wet, teary eye is as a symptom of an infection in the body, or because a tear duct is blocked. If your rabbit has a persistent wet eye, then make an appointment with a veterinarian to assess the cause.

Rabbits love to go inside cardboard boxes. They use them as secluded rest areas and then customize them, digging and chewing. Some people add hay for them to dig in.

Your rabbit should be given an unlimited supply of hay and encouraged to eat as much as possible. This helps keep their digestive tract healthy and prevent blockages.

You can help cool your rabbit down on a hot day by taking an empty 2-liter soda bottle, cleaning it, filling it with water and freezing it. On hot days you can place it in your rabbit’s cage to help keep him cool. You can also take a spray mister and gently spray the back of your rabbit’s ears. Since rabbits regulate their body temperature through their ears, this can help them cool off.

Did You Know

At the time the coney was introduced into Great Britain (eleventh century), rabbits were mostly kept in warrens, huge open enclosures where coneys lived almost wild. People feared that they might not survive outside in the winter, so a nucleus breeding stock was kept in hutches. These were called Clapper Coneys. From among the clapper coneys some were kept as pets, even in those hard, hungry, and practical days.

The word rabbit was originally the name for a baby coney but became used for the adult as well.

The earliest reference to ‘rabbit’ (kuniklos) comes from the historian Polybius, writing in the second century BC.

Rabbits cannot vomit.

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