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Proper Grooming Habbits for Your Pet Rabbit

There are many reasons why a rabbit should never be bathed. Cat and dog owners who take on a rabbit, frequently make the mistake of bathing the bunny. This is dangerous and should never be performed.

Day to Day Cleanliness

Rabbits are fastidious creatures. They not only dislike dirt, but they actively wash themselves on a regular basis. The reason why brushing is so important is because a rabbit is unlike other animals in that their digestive system means that they cannot cough and are thus unable to get rid of fur balls like cats and dogs do. Your grooming of the rabbit is essential. Leave the rest to them, because they really do have more experience and will, through choice, stay clean.

Keeping the Cage Clean

The area where a rabbit sleeps should always be kept clean. The reason for this is that dirt from the cage can become stuck in their hair. Although brushing removes this, it is far more sensible not to let this happen in the first place. They need a clean sleeping area, and their toilet area should be cleaned regularly, and those odors eliminated.

Spot Cleaning

Sometimes a rabbit’s chin gets dirty, and you can spot clean it with a flannel cloth and warm water. Around the eye area of the rabbit, if you must clean while a rabbit is ill, do not use any kind of soaps. The other area which may need spot cleaning is their rear end during illness. Treat them like babies. Simply wipe the area and allow this to dry, though do eliminate excess moisture as rabbits hate being wet.

Owners often forget the dangers which await rabbits which are not treated correctly. Bathing a rabbit can make the rabbit overheat, and this is very bad for their health. Also, the rabbit can be frightened, and a fright can kill a rabbit. If you make sure that you adequately groom a rabbit, there should never be the need for a bath. Be aware that you can wipe them if they need it. Keep their hair always brushed to avoid digestive problems which can lead to death. A rabbit is a wonderful creature who can be a great pet and will give the owners and family pleasure for years. Treat them with respect. Remember that natural rabbits in the fields avoid water unless they are looking for a drink. Rabbits also burrow through dirt and yet stay clean. Their natural instincts will protect them from harm, and you should leave this aspect of rabbit care to the creature who knows best what his/her needs are, only intervening at times when bunny needs that little bit of extra help.

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