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7 Inexpensive DIY Pet Care Tips

Always check with your veterinarian before trying or administering any procedure not prescribed by a qualified veterinarian. Creatures Corner makes no representation these tips are advisable for your specific animal. Try these simple and inexpensive ideas to reduce the cost of your pet care.

Vinegar for Cleaning

Vinegar is great for cleaning the litterboxes of cats, rabbits, and ferrets. Empty the litterbox, rinse it and then place some vinegar on the bottom and scrub. For particularly bad cases you may want to let the vinegar sit for a while. When done, rinse and re-use.

Homemade Cat Furniture

You can make cat furniture that your cats will love to scratch for a fraction of the cost of something you will buy online or in a store. Go to a thrift store and buy an inexpensive piece of furniture. Next, buy discontinued sample carpet pieces at a carpet outlet. Get some carpet tacks, making sure that they are long enough to hold the carpet down so the cat can’t pull it off while clawing at it. Hammer the carpet into place. If possible, place kitty’s new furniture near a window.

Waste Disposal

A recycled plastic bag and two paper towels make a cheap and effective waste disposal system that is easy to store until needed. Place the paper towels over the feces, put your hand inside the plastic bag, pick up the paper towels and ‘calling card’ while turning the bag inside out so that the contents end up in the bag. Dispose of accordingly.

Pet Hair Removal

A simple and inexpensive way to remove pet hair from your furniture is to take a damp rag or old washcloth and rub it over the surface. The cat or dog hair will ball up and is easy to collect with the rag.

Instead of buying bags of expensive cat litter, go to a bulk store and visit the automotive department where you will find big bag of the clay that is used for soaking up oil spills. It’s the same stuff, without the perfume. It’s cheaper and it’s also better for your cat.

Dog Chew Toy

When your socks start to become ragged and full of holes, tie a knot in them and give them to your dog. They make inexpensive toys and keep him from chewing on my furniture and shoes.

Dog Dandruff

If you’ve got doggie dandruff problems, try diluting Avon’s Skin So Soft with water in a clean spray bottle and spray it on fido, rubbing it in as you go. This doubles as a tick, flea repellent and smells great as well.

Stop Chewing Pets

Simply sprinkle a little bit of Cayenne pepper about the areas/objects where your pet chews and they’ll stop.

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