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10 Crazy Horse That are Apparently Still on the Books

We all know that politicians never seem to be in a hurry to get anything done and that includes changing laws about horses. Believe it or not, the following laws about horses are apparently still active.

No man is allowed to ride his horse “in a violent manner” if he happens to be in Boone, North Carolina.

In Clearbrook, Minnesota. Women riders can wear heels measuring no more than 1-1/2 inches in length.

If this man were in Rhinelander, Wisconsin he would be given a large does of castor oil.

A clothing ordinance in Upperville, Virginia, bans a married woman from riding a horse down a street while wearing “body hugging clothing.” A $2 fine can be imposed on any female rider who wears “clothing that clings to her body.”

In Tranquility, New Jersey the law states that a person can’t distribute handbills while on horseback as a means of advertising for a wife.

An attorney can be barred from practicing law in Corvallis, Oregon, should he refuse to accept a horse in lieu of his legal fees.

It is against the law in California for horses to mate in public within five hundred yards of any church, school, or tavern! The penalty can be a $500 fine and six months in jail. This law isn’t clear as to whether the horse or the owner is fined and jailed.

McAllen, Texas, has outlawed citizens from taking pictures of horses on the Sabbath. Any person who “disturbs” or “otherwise antagonizes a horse” in this manner will be subject to a fine of at least $1.50 and can be jailed for as much as “three full days and nights.”

In Burdoville, Vermont, it states that “no horses are allowed to roam loose between March 1st and October 20th.

In Hortonville, New York. The rider of any horse involved in an accident resulting in death shall immediately dismount and give his name and address to the person killed.

In Rhinelander, Wisconsin an old ordinance takes care of the problem of riding while intoxicated. Such a horseman, per the law, must be given a “large dose of castor oil.” doled out by the horseman’s wife. Refusal to take the castor oil results in a fine.

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