How Far and Fast Can Horses Go?

Horses are live animals, not machines that can go on forever. They tire just like we do. However, some horses have shown amazing speed and endurance when asked to do it– here are a few amazing feats:

In 1889

Dmitri Peshkov rode 5,500 miles from Albanzinski, Siberia, to St. Petersburg. The Akhal-Teke, a rare breed from Turkmenistan, is known for its excellent endurance.

In 1935

The historic ride that this breed is famous for started. Twenty-eight riders on Akhal-tekes rode 2,600 miles fro Ashkabad to Moscows, including 215 across the harsh Kara Kum desert without water (where temperatures can reach 149F). They finished in eighty-four days.

In 1892

Prussian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers raced from Berlin to Vienna. The winner rode 350 miles in 72 hours. The horse died, as did 25 others out of 199 who started.

Today, in the Middle East, 26-mile marathons run by horses are won in just over an hour.

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